Luke Gattuso

818.308.5853 (818.308.LUKE)

Hi, folks! Would you like to know about me? Of course you would!

My name is Luke. I was born in Encino, California, and if you look at my photographs (and the area code of my phone number) you'll realize that I have spent far too much time in the San Fernando Valley. Many people think The Valley is the anticulture hub of Los Angeles, but that's not really true; culture is here, but it hides behind tract homes and strip malls. My favorite subjects are things that are not afraid to show their age: bent and broken signs, rusty fences, historic buildings, anything that has endured and survived the attacks of external forces and now proudly wears its scars.

I always have a camera with me. I rarely shoot posed or planned shots; I would rather find something unexpected. If I'm at an event, my goal is to blend into the background. I can (and do) take a picture of a married couple's first dance, but I'd also get shots of the guests laughing and applauding. My shooting style at events is more photojournalistic - usually high-grain, high-speed, black and white shots.

Would you like to see some of my photographs? Click on one of the galleries to the right.

If you are interested in owning or using one of my pictures, or you would like to include my pictures in an exhibition, or you have a location you'd like me to photograph, or you would like me to be the photographer at your event, or you have a great recipe for chocolate chip cookies, contact me and we'll work out the details.


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