January 01, 2004

New Project

I've decided to do a project this year. Every day, I'm going to post something I drew that day. It might be something I think is great- but most of it will look like today's fine entry, which is some sort of Incredible Hulk/Baby New Year hybrid.

Click for a larger version.

Posted by dogwelder at January 1, 2004 04:07 PM

I do a drawing a day too but do not share them.
Mine are not as good as that hulk.
Looks like your off to a good start!

Posted by: wetkitty at January 1, 2004 06:31 PM

[this is good] - Best of luck to you!

Posted by: nevermind22 at January 1, 2004 08:30 PM

Baby New Year SMASH!!!

Happy New Year, bro.

Posted by: Down10 at January 2, 2004 01:25 AM

Oooh, baby -- ain't I see you on Friendster, sweet thang?

Posted by: geronimo prattfall at January 6, 2004 10:01 PM
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