Have you seen the movie "Snatch?" If you have, you may remember the credits- during the opening scenes, the image would freeze on each character and suddenly look like they had been photocopied, cut out, and pasted onto a dirty wall. This is how I faked that "snatchified" look.

start image First, find a decent starter image. It doesn't have to be as clear as this one, but it should clearly show the face and have decent contrast. Change the background layer to a transparent layer
cut out Cut the person out. I like to use the polygonal lasso tool with no feather and anti-alias on because I think it looks more like a scissor cut, but any method that works for you is fine.
white Duplicate the layer, and change the selection to a white silhouette. I usually do this by adjusting the layer's brightness and contrast.
4 Adjust the hue/saturation/lightness to get a base color for the person. Make sure you click the "colorize" checkbox or nothing very interesting will happen.
5 Move the unadjusted image to the top and set the blend mode to multiply.
Desaturate the layer, and adjust the brightness and contrast. I also like to run the "film grain" filter on the layer to make it look a bit more like a photocopy.
7 Create a new layer behind the first two, and fill it with a base background color. Also: to create that thin edge of color, shift the foreground layer a little in whatever direction looks right to you.

Creating the grungy bits is a little less precise than the steps above, but I'll try and explain how I do it. I took a bunch of photos of textures, like these:


9 I pick one of the textures, paste it in as a new layer between the solid background color and the silhouette layer, and set the blend mode to multiply. Depending on how the image looks, I might use free transform on the layer, adjust the brightness and contrast, desaturate the layer, or change the opacity. I just do what I think looks "right." Every image is different.

Next, create the text, and and lines and stars if you want them (at least one star is required to look "snatchy". Lines are optional).

The original text is some sans serif font. I used "Fujiyama Extra Bold," but after I made this I found a font called "Headline One" that looks more like the Snatch font. It's available for free from HPLHS Prop Fonts.

You can find a star in the "wingdings 2" font- it's the ê (there is also a skinnier star, the é, but I like the fat one).

When you've got the text, stars and lines where you want them, merge ONLY the text, star, and line layers.

11 Go into the quickmask mode on the merged layer and paste in a grunge layer. Adjust the position, brightness, and contrast of the grunge to make most (but not all) of the text/lines/stars red. You might have to invert the mask layer. Don't worry about the rest of the image at this point- the mask will only effect the text/lines/stars layer.
Exit quickmask mode and press delete. deselect everything to see your grungy letters.
13 Almost done. We just need some "over-grunge." Paste a texture into a new layer above everything, and adjust the contrast the texture is either mostly white or mostly black. Depending on the colors of the texture layer, you may also want to desaturate the layer.
14 Switch the layer blend mode to lighten (if you made the over-grunge layer mostly black) or darken (if you made the over-grunge layer mostly white). Use free transform to adjust the grunge. You might also want to change the opacity, hue, and saturation of the grunge layer.
  Of course, you can get a lot fancier than this- multiple grunge layers, custom brushes, bigger outlines, fancier backgrounds, more color- but I hope this helps you understand the basics of snatchification.

Another way to Snatchify

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